Which dog suits me?

If you want to buy a dog, it is best not to go ice cream overnight. After all, there are several factors, including your budget, home, leisure activities and experience with dogs, which you should think about before choosing a puppy in the kennel. We go through the most important points with you.

What if you have limited space?

Whoever wants to buy a dog does not necessarily need a garden . There are also dogs that know how to ground themselves perfectly in a house without a garden or even an apartment.

The most important characteristics that you should pay attention to are the instincts of the dog. The size of the dog is less important.

Take the Pinscher for example. Although this dog remains quite small, it is a German hunting dog with tons of energy. They would have an ‘active mood’ of 72.85 minutes a day. You should keep Pinschers where the dog can move a lot.

Active Dwarf pinscher

In contrast, a French bulldog , which is larger, but with a much calmer energy level.

Do you actually have a small space? Then best avoid all dogs with high hunting instincts such as running dogs and sweat dogs or sheepdogs and cattle drivers. You will receive the right advice here in our kennel .

How much time can you spend on your dog every day?

The above is of course indicative. If your dog barely has to stay alone and you are actively working on it for several hours a day (walking, playing, etc.), a Pinscher can also ground on an apartment.

The time you can spend on your pet is therefore a very important factor . Before buying a dog, consider in the kennel that the animal (depending on the breed) easily becomes 10 years or even older . Your life can change a lot during that time .

For example, if you are single now, there is a good chance that you will have a relationship and perhaps children within 10 years. You may then be able to spend less time with the dog.

How much time do you have to spend on your dog every day?

Not every dog ​​needs the same amount of exercise and challenges. In general, smaller dogs require less exercise , on the condition that they are not hunting dogs, running dogs or cattle drivers. Hunting and working dogs take the most out of your free time anyway . The Border Collie, who is a real cattle driver, will only feel warmed up after 2 hours of exercise. On the other hand, the Newfoundland who easily doubles in size, prefers to do everything at a leisurely pace and is happy with a walk every day.

Some dogs also need more mental than physical challenges . You will find customized toys at the dog accessories in the pet shop. Certain dog breeds also require a lot of coat care, such as the Chow Chow. Also keep this in mind when you want to buy a dog.

What if you will buy a dog for the first time?

It really does matter if this is your first dog or not. Training your dog is a must regardless of the breed, size or age. However, some dog breeds are “not kittens to handle without gloves” and need a strong experienced leader . That is the case, for example, with cattle drivers such as the Border Collie, but also with many hunting dogs such as the small munsterlander who would rather follow his nose than his boss.

Dogs that are suitable as the first dog include the Miniature Pomeranian , the Poodle and the Golden Retriever . These varieties are easy to train and also easy to handle.

What budget should you provide for a dog?

Buying a dog is not a one-time cost. In the kennel you pay on average between 600 and 2500 euros for the purchase of your dog , but after that you still have to take into account the costs for food and care. You spend more or less on food depending on the weight and size of the dog. For a dog of approximately 35 kilograms, charge around 570 euros in food per year . You pay an average of 206 euros per year for the medical care of a dog.

If you also want to have the dog neutered or sterilized , take into account an amount between 250 and 400 euros . Much depends on the necessary anesthesia, the dose and the price of which is therefore higher in a larger dog.

The Woefkesranch team is happy to give you additional advice in order to buy a dog that really suits you. Do you have a question? Contact us by telephone on the number +32 15 75 59 42 or complete this handy contact form.

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